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peace pipes logo on a yellow background

Functional Art

For Your Personal Rituals

a row of colorful glass vases on a window sill
a yellow glass decanter sitting on a table in front of a window
two glass decanters sitting on a golden cloth
a green glass decanter set with three glasses

“FIND YOUR PEAXE” started as personal experience, to combine the aesthetic beauty of up-cycled antiques and hand made goods with ceremonial utility.

I wanted to make things that look as good as their use makes you feel.

And also, to encourage the a the practice of personal rituals that all you to “Find Your Peace” anywhere in your home.

Objects that wholly complement your creative and personal interests.

With each piece being hand sourced, hand made, and essentially one of a kind- I hope you find the perfect fit for your sanctuary to make each experience and interaction in your home as beautiful as you are.

a black and white tea set on a table

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a poster for soft soree at under the moon